Tamworth Distilling releases Mellow Fellow corn whiskey

Tamworth Distilling's Mellow Fellow

Rural New Hampshire craft distiller, Tamworth Distilling, has created the Mellow Fellow corn whiskey to honor American essayist, poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau.

The straight corn whiskey is aged two years and was named The Mellow Fellow as a nod to Thoreau’s desire to live simply and peacefully amongst his natural surroundings. Tamworth Distilling is perhaps best known for its wilderness-to-table ethos and one of a kind scratch-made spirits, such as Venison Whiskey.

Made from an organic hybrid of Flint and Dent corn kernels, the two varietals provide an ideal balance of flavor and yield, due to the short, sweet growing season for corn that Northern summers provide. The bottle is adorned with Thoreau’s journal entry dated July 5th, 1858, where he poetically describes his visit to Tamworth and the surrounding New Hampshire region.

Made available on Saturday, July 3, the limited small-batch bottling is now on sale while supplies last exclusively at Tamworth Distilling for $50.

“After this last year I think we can all agree that it’s time to chill the f**k out and raise our glasses, half full, to individualism, idealism, and the divinity of nature!” said Steven Grasse, Tamworth Distilling founder. “We all need to be Mellow Fellows (or Mellow Ladies).”

Starting with over 80 per cent organic hybrid yellow organic corn (the same grain as The Old Man of the Mountain Bourbon), then a healthy balance of organic raw rye is added (same varietal from Chocorua Rye) along with non-GMO malted barley to convert the carbohydrates to sugar during the processes. The distillers sculpted a sour mash program to suit the facility needs, using a culture from the last batch in the next sequential mash. This process is important for building flavor and naturally controlling acidity in the wash.

“We modify our approach from our Bourbon in a way to exemplify corn’s lighter nuances. Sweet and mild, with elegant whiffs of hay and apples. A major distinction between Bourbon and its lesser known sibling corn whiskey is the use of extremely high corn percentage and used barrels. In the case of The Mellow Fellow, house made apple brandy and Bourbon barrels are used to age for 2 years. This softens the spirit, without loading it with oaky tannins and heavy wood sugars. The result is faint impressions of the used barrels and a pale golden hue,” said distiller, Jamie Oakes.

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