Pursuit United announces larger second release

Pursuit United Bourbon

The founders of Pursuit Spirits, and creators of whiskey podcast Bourbon Pursuit, are making the Pursuit United Bourbon available once again this year.

The award-winning release will have an availability of 9,342 bottles, with distribution expanding to two new states, Colorado and Illinois. As the last release of 2021, the small-batch Bourbon will be available in limited quantities in July, at an RRP of $65.

Pursuit United Bourbon

Pursuit United is a blend of mash bills from three different distilleries in three different states and bottled at 108 proof (54% ABV). Tailoring to the growing number of whiskey drinkers that want transparency, the blend consists of barrels from Bardstown Bourbon Company, Finger Lakes Distilling, and an undisclosed distillery in Tennessee that is not located in Tullahoma.

After the success of the first release of Pursuit United in January 2021, the blend continues to maintain the same components for consistency of future releases. This batch is comprised of 40 barrels, making it four times larger than the first release. “We took the lessons we learned from the first release and figured out how to do it at scale,” said Ryan Cecil, co-founder of Pursuit Spirits. “Each of our partner distilleries bring a unique component that makes the blend stand out.”

Pursuit United will be extending its retail presence to customers in Colorado and Illinois. “Bourbon Pursuit podcast data shows there is a concentration of listeners in Denver and Chicago and we wanted to make it available to them,” said Kenny Coleman, co-founder of Pursuit Spirits. “We are now filling 1,100 barrels per year and will slowly open up new territories as more barrels come of age.”

This final 2021 release of Pursuit United will be available online at and at select retail locations in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas.

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