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Tasting: Barrell, Infinite Barrel Project


Infinite Barrel Project

Barrell Craft Spirits

Proof: 118.6
ABV: 59.3%
Style: American Whiskey
State: KY
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens

Nose: Oriental spice and caraway. Fumed oak and vanilla base.Apple blossom and orange marmalade. Almonds and nougat.

Palate: Spice on first taste but calms quickly into more of the vanilla and oak base. Some clove distinguishes along with candied fruit. 

Finish: Long, stays warm on the back of the  palate with the tingling spices and oak flavors.

Comments: This whiskey is not afraid to speak up and for spice lovers a pleasure to kiss… and sip.



Susan Reigler

Nose: Nutty caramel with distinct milk chocolate and faint fruit. It’s the candy counter at a country store. 

Palate: Cinnamon sprinkled on multigrain porridge dotted with sliced green apple and chopped nuts and a touch of maltiness. 

Finish: Dries fairly quickly to sweet oak, but fruit and nuts are brought along. 

Comments: This is a chimera, exhibiting nuances of Bourbon, rye, and malt whiskeys. Add water and caramel swoops in.



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