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Tasting: Blackback, Honey Rye Liqueur


Honey Rye Liqueur

Silverback Distillery

Proof: 70
ABV: 35%
Style: Rye Liqueur
State: PN
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens

Nose: Dark raisin and sorghum. Some gingerbread and cane sugar. Cotton candy with barrel wood lifts quickly. Coffee note.

Palate: Port galore with that dark raisin, date and figs with honey. Brown sugar and savory bacon are a nice touch. 

Finish: Finishes sweet and decadent, yet clean and inviting for another sip. Luxurious texture.

Comments: Reminds me of a Grahams Port that is a heady after-dinner drink.



Susan Reigler

Nose: Rye bread spread with honey. A little sweet grass and mixed berries. Walking past stalls in a farmers’ market.

Palate: The rye bread and honey are well balanced, with berries and brown sugar. 

Finish: Gratifyingly clean for a liqueur. Not cloying. Stays on the tongue just long enough to say goodbye.

Comments: Serve this after dinner with a cup of espresso (lemon peel mandatory). Might also be a wonderful base for a cocktail garnished with a strip of bacon. 



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