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Tasting: Gold Zephyr, Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Gold Zephyr

Straight Bourbon Whiskey

JK Williams Distilling

Proof: 90
ABV: 45%
Style: Bourbon
State: IL
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens

Nose: Soft vanilla bean and creamed corn overlay. Cardamom and white pepper with oak and black tea. A surprising strawberry and floral mix.

Palate: The palate turns up the heat and white pepper turns black with cinnamon candy. The vanilla still holds on, yet candy corn finishes up. 

Finish: Spices prevail on the finish and eventually it gets earthy.

Comments: A surprising spice hit on the palate that lingers for days on end.



Susan Reigler

Nose: Toffee with root beer. Softens into light fruit and vanilla. As it sits, it fades even further.

Palate: Dark fruit with dry hay and tobacco leaf. Tobacco barn on a hot day with dried fruit. Light caramel brings some complexity.

Finish: Good give and take between fruit and oak. Well balanced and medium long. Oak gets the last word.

Comments: This will appeal to Bourbon lovers who like a drier whiskey style. Water will add some cinnamon to the profile here.



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