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Tasting: Hirsch, The Horizon


The Horizon

Hotaling & Co.

Proof: 92
ABV: 46%
Style: Bourbon
State: IN
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens

Nose: Vanilla custard and banana pudding.Toffee and cocoa develop with nice fruit notes of golden apple.

Palate: Structured well with surround sound sweetness and complexity of spice and herbaceous flavors. Oak tannins give just the right earthy sensation.

Finish: A glimpse of smoke that was not detected on the palate spurring a different twist to the sweetness. 

Comments: I would invite this to date a Black Manhattan as the amaro would go nicely.



Susan Reigler

Nose: Smoked brown sugar and root beer. A little milk chocolate and orange mist round.

Palate: Brown sugar becomes chewy caramel candy. Fruity applesauce with some cinnamon and citrus zest. Silky mouthfeel. 

Finish: Starts with the fruit and caramel, but soon becomes nutty oak, then black pepper at the end. Pepper tingles rather than burns.

Comments: A fine sipping whiskey, but perhaps too mild mannered to hold its own in a cocktail.



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