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Tasting: Thomas S. Moore, Port Finished Bourbon

Thomas S. Moore

Port Finished Bourbon

Barton 1792

Proof: 98.9
ABV: 49.45%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens

Nose: Delightful raisin and prune nose with a yeasty white biscuit and blackberry jam. Candy corn and honey. Coconut crème pie.

Palate: Dark chocolate and dried fruits. Coconut and warm brown sugar that lifts almost to molasses.

Finish: Silky texture and glides back to those jammy blackberry and raisin notes yet leaves room for a beautiful spice finish or ginger.

Comments: Fruit filled, but never leaves you hanging on where the spice and oak enter.



Susan Reigler

Nose: Sweet, dark fruit pops out immediately, like stewed plums. Followed by light brown sugar and allspice. It then sharpens a bit into newly sawn oak.

Palate: Fruit and caramel explode. Then nutmeg, allspice, and citrus grains.  

Finish: Good balance of fruit, caramel, spice, and oak. Fruit crossed the finish first.    

Comments: Just enough fruit to provide an excellent base to an Old Fashioned. Garnish with an orange peel and skip the cherry.



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