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Tasting: Wild Turkey, Rare Breed Barrel Proof Bourbon

Wild Turkey

Rare Breed Barrel Proof Bourbon


Proof: 116.8
ABV: 58.4%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY
Price: $$$$

Peggy Noe Stevens

Nose: Blackcurrants and traditional caramel. Dried fruit and macaroons. Charismatic cigar box aroma. Black cherry and clove.

Palate: Full earthy flavors of oak, then caramel, black currants and clove.

Finish: Generous tannins and mouthfeel that has a fumed-oak flavor that heats up nicely. Aftertaste goes on and on.

Comments: Assertively chewy and rich on the earth notes. Would LOVE this with a great cigar, too.



Susan Reigler

Nose: Waves of caramel, joined by grain. Water does little to unlock other aromas that might be lurking.

Palate: The caramel gets an assist from some peaches and cinnamon. Nutty oak vies with caramel for the top spot.

Finish: Stops almost before it starts, leaving a slight rack of light peppercorns behind.

Comments: Use an ice cube, which will aid the release and mingling of flavors. Water helps, too.



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