Special Promotion: Breckenridge Distillery’s immersive whiskey experience

Breckenridge Distillery

The Colorado-based distillery is focusing on creating a quality and rewarding guest experience

Breckenridge Distillery was founded by a doctor-turned-distiller with an overwhelming obsession for whiskey. It was never Bryan Nolt’s plan to create one of the fastest growing craft distilleries in the country, but as it turns out, his whiskey and the guest experience exploded and for good reason. This year, Breckenridge Distillery was ranked as one of 2021’s top Visitor Attraction of the Year by Whisky Magazine and claimed their fourth Colorado Whiskey Distillery of the Year win at the New York Int’l Spirits Competition.

As their portfolio of awards and recognitions grow, Breckenridge Distillery continues to elevate its guest experience. They recently added The Founders Lab, an immersive whiskey experience that takes guests on a journey through senses. The interactive spirits lab allows guests to not only taste our award-winning spirits but the opportunity to delve behind the scenes of spirit production.

“Our philosophy is to offer our guests a positive and rewarding experience during their visit, and to us, that’s just as important as the products we make,” says Bryan Nolt, Breckenridge Distillery founder and CEO.

In the Founders Lab, guests nerd out with Breckenridge Distillery’s distillers and become a master blender for a few magical hours. Their distillers are experts in nosing, flavor categorization and pairing substrates together to create a whole that far exceeds the expected sum of its parts. Guests will be taught to break down aggregate flavors while building a whiskey blend complete with mouth feel and finish. To top off the experience, guests get to hand bottle their creation and add a customized label. 

Experiences in the Founders Lab, like high-end flights and their blending experience, can be booked by visiting

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