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Maker’s Mark Picking Up The Tab For Bourbon-Related Baggage Fees

Maker’s Mark is a special kind of company. Founded by the Samuels family in the 1950s, when Bourbon was starting to decline in popularity, the brand is often credited as starting the premium Bourbon category.

Now Maker’s Mark is setting the bar for premium hospitality with an offer to pay your baggage fees if you have to check a bag because of Bourbon — with a few ground rules.

The rules for the inaugural Whiskey Flights program include standard stuff like no purchase necessary and you must be 21+ and the like, entries can’t promote irresponsible or unsafe consumption, and entries must not infringe on copyrights. Read all the rules here.

In order to enter, you must upload a receipt for your baggage fee and your photo ID, enter in your personal information, and answer a few questions. The entry period is between December 15-31, 2021.

The maximum refund per person is $40 and up to $50,000 worth of baggage fees will be covered during the promotion. You can enter here.

“As a family-led brand since our inception in 1953, we’ve always believed that the perfect holiday moment starts with you, your loved ones and a bottle of Bourbon to share, and we wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of that quality time,” said Rob Samuels, 8th Generation Whisky Maker and Grandson of the Founders at Maker’s Mark. “We know you can’t bring a bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon in your carry-on luggage, so we’re encouraging folks to check a bag on their next holiday-bound flight so they can bring a little spirit home to share. We’ll pick up that pesky fee for some lucky travelers.”

Thank you Maker’s Mark for making holiday travel a little more enjoyable this year!

Photo Courtesy of Maker’s Mark

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