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Tasting: Tanner’s Creek, Blended Bourbon

Tanner’s Creek

Blended Bourbon


Proof: 85
ABV: 42.5%
Style: Bourbon
State: IN
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens

Nose: Black cherry and vanilla bean wrap around a toasted oak frame. Peppercorn and herbal oregano. Caramel apple and nutty pecan.

Palate: A very pleasing accent of caramel and pecan pie with lingering baking spices and sorghum. Oak tannins are soft, but present.

Finish: Mild finish that is dry with subtle toast and nutmeg. Love the knot of caramel at the end too.

Comments: Mature and complex with considerable finesse.



Susan Reigler

Nose: Lashings of brown sugar, then canned fruit cocktail, complete with its syrup. Peaches with a faint hint of baking spices.

Palate: Sweet fruit cocktail dusted with brown sugar and vanilla sprinkles. There is just the right amount of oak underpinning to keep it from being cloying.

Finish: Medium long. The fruit lingers, joined by pleasant warmth at the back of the throat.

Comments: A very easy-going sipper. Impressive mouthfeel for the proof.



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