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Tastings: Redemption, Rye Batch 259


Rye Batch 259

Bardstown Barrel Selections

Proof: 92
ABV: 46%
Style: Rye
State: IN
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens

Nose: Corn pudding. Second nose shouts out some beautiful florals and a background of oak, but still gives some wood sugar and tea
leaf notes.

Palate: Golden brown sugar with the corn essence still lurking. The florals dance a bit, but citrus brightens into some fruity sugars.

Finish: Easy going and playful with the florals, just extends over to a light spice and oak at the end.

Comments:  Highly mixable for a cocktail that is airy and soft.



Susan Reigler

Nose: Taffy dusted with brown sugar and a faint note of rye spice. Very subtle, so neither enticing nor off-putting. Then alcohol nudges away the initial aromas. 

Palate: Herbal rye, countered by light caramel, blackberry, and cinnamon.

Finish: It’s medium long and smooth, characterized by sweet, nutty oak. 

Comments: Would make a fine cocktail base, but perhaps not a satisfying neat sip for a rye enthusiast. 



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