Cocktail Club #2: Sagamore Winter Mule

Sagamore Winter Mule

Have you heard of Rye January? Well, allow us to enlighten you! The dedication of the month was announced by Virginia’s Catoctin Creek Distillery for the first time last year, when the team invited those not taking part in Dry January to take part in Rye January instead.

We love any excuse to share a rye cocktail with you, so this week we have Sagamore Spirit’s recommended cocktail, the Sagamore Winter Mule.

As always, enjoy responsibly and tag us in your finished cocktail on social media!




45 ml Sagamore Spirit Signature Rye Whiskey
30ml cranberry juice
10ml lemon juice
10 ml organic maple syrup
60 ml ginger beer.
Sage leaf, optional


Fill a Collins glass with ice. Add Sagamore Spirit Signature Rye Whiskey, cranberry juice, lemon juice and maple syrup. Top with ginger beer and give a slight stir to combine. Garnish with a sage leaf. 

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