Evan Williams Releases Annual Kentucky Derby Bottling

The limited-edition Bourbon is dipped in gold wax and features the 50th Edition Gold Pegasus Pin on the bottle neck

As an official sponsor of the Kentucky Derby Festival for the sixth consecutive year, the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience today released a special edition bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon with a commemorative 50th Edition Gold Pegasus Pin sealed in wax on the neck.

Dipped in a gold wax, the bottle features a special face label with the coordinating gold Kentucky Derby Festival logo and includes an official 2022 Pegasus Pin in an envelope attached to each bottle. Evan Williams Bourbon Experience artisanal distiller, Jodie Filiatreau, and Kentucky Derby Festival president and CEO, Matt Gibson, unveiled the official 2022 pin and limited-edition bottle at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience by personally hand-dipping two of the 750 limited-edition bottles.

Beginning February 24, the Bourbon is available for purchase at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience for $79.99 and at select area retailers while supplies last. The limited-edition 2014 vintage is bottled at 117 proof, commemorating both the 67th Kentucky Derby Festival plus the 50th year for the Pegasus Pin. Each bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon contains the exact day it was put in an oak barrel to age, the barrel number, and the date it was bottled.

“The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience is proud to partner with the Kentucky Derby Festival and celebrate a milestone year for the Pegasus Pin, which represents the unique Kentucky spirit that makes this time of year so exciting in the Bluegrass State,” said Filiatreau. “Join us as we raise a toast to Kentucky’s heritage and usher in the 2022 Kentucky Derby Festival.”

“Celebrating the 50th year for the Pegasus Pins will make this year’s Kentucky Derby Festival even more special,” said Gibson. “Like the pins, we know Festival fans will want to add this special edition Evan Williams bottle to their collection too.”

Bringing the community together since 1956, the Kentucky Derby Festival has grown to become a whirlwind of more than 70 special events leading up to the big race in May. The Kentucky Derby Festival runs this year from March 16 – May 1. Pegasus Pins, which allow entry to many Derby Festival events, may be purchased exclusively at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience through March 2, prior to being available at other local retailers.

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