Maker’s Mark unveils new bottle and label design

Maker's Mark 46

The distillery has showcased the new Maker’s Mark 46 design

Maker’s Mark Distillery has unveiled its new Maker’s Mark 46 bottle and design, created to highlight the brand’s values and better tell the story of its liquid.

The new bottle design showcases the Maker’s liquid, differentiating itself in the proprietary French oaked process that gives Maker’s Mark 46 its characteristic flavor. While the Bourbon inside the bottle remains the same, the new bottle design reinforces consistency of the brand’s visual identity.  

Maker’s Mark 46 new bottle and label design

French oaked for layers of flavor, Maker’s Mark 46 is the taste vision of Bill Samuels, Jr., that helped him make his mark on the family legacy. After over a decade in its original packaging, the new bottle better aligns with the visual identity comprising the full Maker’s Mark suite and better clarifies what makes the Maker’s 46 liquid special – French oak – while making clear to consumers that the liquid they love has not changed by so much as a drop. By more boldly leading with descriptions of ‘French oaked,’ Bourbon drinkers new and old can understand what flavor profiles they can expect to find behind the label.  

From March 2022, the bottle will be available in whiskey bars, restaurants, and speciality whiskey stores.

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