Wild Turkey 101 showcases new bottle design

Wild Turkey 101

The same 100-year-old recipe, but now Wild Turkey 101 reveals its new bottle design for its flagship Bourbon

Wild Turkey has unveiled the redesign of its flagship product this month, the Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon: here the distillery has reimagined its traditional Bourbon bottle, with details that mimic the silhouette of the wild turkey itself.

The father and son master distilling duo behind Wild Turkey, Jimmy and Eddie Russell, have proved to be unwavering in their commitment to deliver authenticity in their whiskey. The new bottle design continues to do that, while offering a more modern and premium look.

The prominent feature of this new bottle is the embossed wild turkey at its centre – becoming a beacon for the flagship Bourbon.

Wild Turkey 101 bottle redesign

To showcase the brand’s liquid colour, the bottle flaunts a smaller reduced paper front label that allows more space for the liquid to shine. As with all Wild Turkey products, Jimmy Russell’s signature can be seen on the front label.

The bottleneck has been refined with a base curve, inspired by the extended neck of the wild turkey. A thicker base has been added for more stature, finished with a sharp edge detail. While the brand may carry a new, premium look, the liquid inside stays the same.

 The more modern, sleek look and feel of the new Wild Turkey 101 pack will roll out across the full range in due course, cementing its rightful position as the more credible and authentic, premium Bourbon amongst its peers.

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