Cocktail Recipe: Sweet Potato Pyre

Sweet Potato Pyre

Recipe courtesy New Riff Distilling, Newport, Ky. 


·         1 oz New Riff  Kentucky Straight Rye  

·         3/4 oz Cocchi Sweet Vermouth 

·         *1 ½ oz spiced sweet potato cognac (sweet potato simple + cognac) 

·         ¼ oz Orahovac Walnut Liqueur 

·         ½ oz Demerara simple syrup 

·         1 dash angostura bitters 

·         1 dash Peychaud’s Bitters 


Half rim Graham cracker crumbs on a nick and nora glass, garnish with jumbo torched mellow slice floating in glass. 

*Sweet Potato Simple Syrup: 

Mix one can of sweet potatoes (strained juices) with 2 cups of Demerara Simple syrup and one bottle of Cognac. Add to blender, blend then strain through chenois. 

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