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Ribbon Cut! Welcome, Fresh Bourbon

There’s a new Bourbon experience to be had in downtown Lexington, Kentucky. Fresh Bourbon’s Tasting Room opened today on Main Street with speeches from the Mayor of Lexington, Linda Gorton, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, and Founders Tia and Sean Edwards. The event was emceed by Gathan Borden, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Destinations International.

Fresh Bourbon is recognized by the Commonwealth of Kentucky as the first Bourbon made by African Americans since slavery.

Founded in 2017, Fresh Bourbon partners with Hartfield & Co Distillery in Bourbon County, Kentucky to produce Fresh Bourbon. It is made from a four-grain recipe that includes honey malt on a copper pot still and is matured in a mixture of 6-gallon and 53-gallon casks. The Bourbon ranges in age and contains some that is under and some that is over two years old.

The tasting room will give guests the opportunity to learn more about Fresh Bourbon and to try it both neat and in a cocktail during a guided tasting experience.

“For years, we have been diligently developing our Bourbon and spirits line. We have been very intentional and deliberate in crafting our spirits – from the mash bills up – and we’re excited to share what we have created from our own space,” states Tia Edwards, Fresh Bourbon Founder. “The shopping experience will be much like the Fresh Bourbon experience – sophisticated, surprising, and unique – elegant instead of rustic. Guests will find a shopping experience and attendance of service on par with the highest class retailers,”

The space includes a retail portion where guests can purchase bottles of Fresh Bourbon as well as cocktail ingredients and tools and other lifestyle products.

Tours and tastings will be available to the public starting September 7, 2022. To book your tickets, please visit

Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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