Kentucky Owl unveils Batch #12 Bourbon

Kentucky Owl

The Kentucky-based whiskey maker continues the legacy of its bourbon with this latest release

Kentucky Owl has announced the release of its Batch #12 Bourbon, continuing the legacy that began in 2014 with Batch #1, the first Kentucky Owl bourbon released since Prohibition.   

Batch #12 is the latest limited batch release iteration carefully crafted by master blender John Rhea. These highly sought after, artfully blended, craft bourbons have become an instant sensation.

For Batch #12, Rhea blended very particular well aged, bold bourbons: 7- to 14-year-old bourbons are blended with two different 4-year-old bourbons to create this unique blend.

The nose has sweet spice and caramel notes, with a hint of butterscotch and a long bouquet pleasant aroma. The palate brings a pleasant rush of warm spice with a robust caramel and cream sensation that melts into hints of passion fruit and spicy citrus.

Batch #12 is bottled at 115.8 proof (57.9% ABV)

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