New Lost Lantern 2023 Single Cask Collection

Lost Lantern

The new collection from the independent bottler highlights the evolution of innovation in American whiskey

Independent bottler of American whiskey Lost Lantern has announced the release of its 9th single cask collection since launching in 2020.

The Spring 2023 collection features four limited-edition single cask expressions, all aged to at least 7 years old, from three separate distilleries: Westland Distillery in Washington, Watershed Distillery in Ohio, and Corbin Cash Distillery in California.  

Lost Lantern’s Spring 2023 Single Cask Collection

It is Lost Lantern’s first 2023 release and its first since being named the 2023 Independent Bottler of the Year at the Icons of Whisky Awards America in February. 

The new collection demonstrates just how much the world of American whiskey has transformed in recent years. “Distilleries that began experimenting and exploring new ideas a decade or more ago have now proven that those ideas work,” said Lost Lantern founders Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski. “Once, Pacific Northwest single malt, estate-grown rye whiskey, and thriving urban distilleries were just intriguing ideas with a lot of potential. But today, they have become realities, thanks to years of dedicated effort and commitment on the part of the country’s most innovative distilleries. The Spring 2023 Collection is emblematic of the growing maturity of innovation in the American whiskey world.”

The Spring 2023 Single Cask Collection will be available for sale beginning March 1st on, and at select retailers in California and Alberta, Canada. As always, all offerings are released with full transparency, bottled at cask strength, are non-chill-filtered and have natural color. 

·       Westland Distillery American Single Malt 7 Years Old (215 btls): SRP, $130

·       Westland Distillery American Single Malt Finished in a Red Wine Cask 8 Years Old (185 btls): SRP, $140

·       Watershed Distillery Ohio Straight Bourbon Whiskey 7 Years Old (65 btls): SRP, $120

·       Corbin Cash California Straight Rye Whiskey 7 Years Old (217 btls): SRP, $120

Single casks are an essential piece of the Lost Lantern model, inspired by the long tradition of independent bottlers in Scotland. Since its debut in October 2020, Lost Lantern has released 40 one-of-a-kind single casks from 20 of the finest distilleries in the United States: Santa Fe Spirits (NM), Cedar Ridge (IA), New York Distilling Company (NY), Ironroot Republic (TX), Whiskey Del Bac (AZ), Balcones (TX), Watershed (OH), Boulder Spirits (CO), Spirit Works (CA), St. George Spirits (CA), McCarthy’s (OR), Smooth Ambler (WV), Starlight (IN), Westward (OR), Frey Ranch Distillery (NV), Dad’s Hat (PA), Copperworks Distilling (WA), Breuckelen Distilling (NY), Westland Distillery (WA), and Corbin Cash (CA).

Picture Credit: Oliver Parini
Adam Polonski and Nora Ganley-Roper co-founded Lost Lantern in Weybridge, VT.

About Lost Lantern’s Spring 2023 Single Cask Collection

Lost Lantern’s single casks show that the best whiskey reflects where it’s made, how it’s made, and who made it, and demonstrate that compelling whiskey comes from across the United States.

2023 Single Cask #1: Westland Distillery American Single Malt 7 Years Old

(215 bottles | 105.7 Proof): SRP, $130

Washington-based Westland is a transformative voice in American single malt and a champion behind the emerging terroir of the Pacific Northwest. This release, Lost Lantern’s first from Westland, was distilled from the distillery’s signature 5-malt recipe. Aged for 7 years in a new oak cask, this whiskey is fresh, creamy, warm, and malty, with balanced notes of grain and oak and flavors of rich vanilla and caramel creams. 

2023 Single Cask #2: Westland Distillery American Single Malt Finished in a Red Wine Cask 8 Years Old

(185 bottles | 107.68 Proof): SRP, $140

Lost Lantern’s second cask from Westland shows a different side of the distillery. Like the first, it is made from Westland’s signature 5-malt recipe. It was aged for 5 years in new oak and then finished for 3 years in a Washington Cabernet Sauvignon wine cask. The finish amplifies the fruity, spicy flavors of the whiskey. Soft and rounded with a lot of spice, it has flavors of black raspberry, soft oak, apple cider donuts, and black cherry ice cream.

2023 Single Cask #3: Watershed Distillery Ohio Straight Bourbon Whiskey 7 Years Old

(65 bottles | 132.2 Proof): SRP, $120

Founded in 2010, Watershed is one of the most sought-after and beloved distilleries in the Midwest, thanks to its meticulous production methods, commitment to local ingredients, and innovations with grain. In 2021, Lost Lantern released a 5-year-old five-grain bourbon from Watershed. This cask is its sibling. While the first was bottled right away, Lost Lantern continued to age this one in Vermont. After two years of humid summers and long, cold winters, this is a different whiskey than it was before: even deeper and more nuanced, yet still recognizably Watershed. It has a rich, full oak flavor, with notes of baking spice, vanilla sweetness, and fresh oatmeal raisin cookies. This is the oldest straight bourbon whiskey Lost Lantern has ever released, and one of the only 7-year-old releases to date from Watershed.

2023 Single Cask #4: Corbin Cash California Straight Rye Whiskey 7 Years Old

(217 bottles | 128.72 Proof): SRP, $120

The Souza family has been growing sweet potatoes in California’s Central Valley for over 100 years, and they’ve been growing rye for just as long as a cover crop. In 2007, David Souza opened Corbin Cash Distillery, named for his son, and began distilling that rye. Their grain to-glass whiskies reflect the bounty and warmth of one of the world’s great agricultural regions. This release was distilled from 100% estate-grown Merced rye and was aged for 7 years in a heavily charred new oak barrel in the heat of the Central Valley, making this a rye from an uncommonly hot climate. The result is a welcoming and powerful whiskey. It is fresh and minty, with notes of sweet chocolate, delicate oak, and wintergreen. This is LostLantern’s oldest rye whiskey to date.

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