Bardstown Bourbon Company unveils Discovery #10 expression

This latest blend brings together five distinct recipes, showcasing a classic Kentucky profile while exploring innovative flavors

Bardstown Bourbon Company has announced the release of its latest expression in the Discovery Series, which highlights the art of blending.

The Discovery #10 blend of straight bourbon whiskeys will be available in the distillery gift shop and other retailers from Friday, June 2, 2023.

Through combining rare whiskeys from across the globe, this series has been created to push the boundaries of innovation by creating unique flavor profiles and styles.

The Discovery Series #10 explores a new depth of flavor from selected premium aged bourbons. Building around a core of luxurious and traditional expressions, this release adds unique profiles from Kentucky, Georgia and Tennessee to create a complex pour.

Picture Credit: Bardstown Bourbon Company
A close up of the Discovery Series #10

“We’re excited to introduce a new look and feel on the packaging of Discovery #10,” said Dan Callaway, VP of product development for Bardstown Bourbon Co. “Inside you’ll find a trailblazing blend, rooted in Kentucky that explores innovative flavor from unexpected sources.” 

Discovery #10 blends five distinct bourbons – primarily made up of Kentucky-sourced bourbons ranging from six to 13 years old, the blend is rounded out by two 10-year-old expressions hailing from Tennessee and Georgia.

“We know there is a lot of delicious bourbon to be discovered out there, and we love to explore the art of blending to create singular expressions that can’t be replicated,” continued Callaway.

Picture Credit: Bardstown Bourbon Company

Discovery Series #10 is presented at 114.24 proof (57.12% ABV) and offered at an SRP of $139.99. Roughly 3,500 9L cases will be available through the Bardstown Bourbon Co. gift shop, at retailers in 24 states and online at

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