Westland Distillery releases Colere Edition 3

The latest expression from the Seattle-based distillery celebrates barley’s role in American single malt, using Pilot barley aged in refill casks

Wesland Distillery has announced the release of its Colere Edition 3 American Single Malt Whiskey; the expression is part of the Outpost Range series, which celebrates the central ingredients that comprise single malt whiskey.

The word Colere comes from the Latin verb meaning “to cultivate” and represents Westland’s vision to showcase new varieties of barley bred outside the commodity system. Only 4,629 bottles of the annual expression are available for purchase at select retails across the United States and online at

A continuation of Westland’s exploration of uncharted barley varieties, the third edition of Colere American Single Malt Whiskey features a 2-row barley called Pilot, a spring variety that traces its lineage back to grain breeders in the United Kingdom. Colere Edition 3 also introduces the use of a second-fill Oloroso Hogshead. The subtle influence of this used Sherry cask brings a layer of depth and continuity to the final bottling.  

“The third edition of Colere has an entirely different construction than its predecessors,” says Shane Armstrong, master blender at Westland Distillery. “Distilled from Pilot barley, this spirit aged in refill Westland casks features an herbal tea note; a characteristic conserved and bolstered by one second-fill Oloroso Hogshead.”

The philosophy behind the Colere series is to explore how barley impacts single malt flavor. To examine this, Westland has partnered for years with Washington State University’s Bread Lab, located in the Skagit Valley, local maltsters, and local farmers to prioritize flavor in breeding barley varieties, as well as develop more sustainable agricultural methods. Westland currently funds a Ph.D. program at WSU’s Bread Lab that focuses on developing barley varieties with an emphasis on flavor while meeting the requirements of local farmers for use in organic low-input systems. In doing so, Westland positions itself as a thought leader in not only global single malt but also the future of agriculture more broadly.

The third edition of Colere is 50%ABV, 7o0ml, and available for $149.99 SRP.

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