Blackened Whiskey releases commemorative 72 Seasons Batch

In order to celebrate Metallica’s 12th studio album and M72 World Tour, the whiskey brand has created a limited-edition expression using 72 Seasons as the playlist for the Black Noise Sonic-Enhancement Process

Blackened Whiskey has announced the release of its Limited Edition 72 Seasons Batch, with its collectable bottle design, as part of the brand’s celebration of Metallica’s 12th studio album.

The limited-edition bottle features several elements inspired by the album including an eye-catching yellow capsule with the signature Metallica M, and the 72 Seasons logo prominently displayed on the front of the bottle. 

The whiskey is a blend of the finest straight bourbon and rye whiskeys and uniquely finished and sonically-enhanced in brandy casks, using the Black Noise process to extract more flavor from the wood. The original recipe was envisioned by founding master distiller Dave Pickerell. Blackened Whiskey is now crafted and propelled onward by category disruptor and master distiller and blender Rob Dietrich. The result is a magnificently balanced whiskey ideal for sipping neat, on the rocks, or enjoyed in a classic signature cocktail. Blackened is whiskey remastered.

“Blackened was created as a way for us to connect with our fans and whiskey connoisseurs,” explained Metallica drummer and co-founder, Lars Ulrich. “This batch does exactly that. We know our fans have been waiting a long time for new music, and we want to celebrate this release with them in every possible way we can. This album is as much theirs as it is ours, and we’re excited to unveil this commemorative release of Blackened.”

This batch is the same award-winning, cask-finished blend as the original Blackened recipe and uses the 72 Seasons album for the sonic-enhancement playlist, which includes:

72 Seasons
Shadows Follow
Screaming Suicide
Sleepwalk My Life Away
You Must Burn!
Lux Æterna
Crown of Barbed Wire
Chasing Light
If Darkness Had a Son
Too Far Gone?
Room of Mirrors

“It’s kind of like we’re bottling key Metallica memories with these limited release batches,” said Dietrich. “We did it with S&M2 and The Black Album and now we’re doing it in a really fun way to celebrate 72 Seasons. Just like with those other collectible packs, this special release features the same award-winning blend of bourbons and ryes that all whiskey drinkers will appreciate, whether it is their first sip of BLACKENED, 72nd or beyond. I’m very excited to share this experience with the band and the fans.”

For more information on the Limited Edition 72 Seasons Batch and programming, visit and on social media at @blackenedamericanwhiskey.

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