Wiggly Bridge Distillery – White Whisky

Wiggle Bridge Distillery 
White Whisky 
Wiggly Bridge Distillery

Proof: 100
ABV: 50%
Style: White
State: ME
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 7.4

Nose: Aromas leap out of the glass with cake batter and citrus. Crisp green apple follows and corn syrup. Some fresh grass and hay. 

Palate: Nice golden apple surrounds the tongue with a spray of ginger to coat he tongue. Cinnamon elements as well, but the simple syrup and sugar cookie keep the pace.

Finish: Straightforward and peppery.  Lingers with just a touch of sweet to tease you.

Comment: Very mixable and friendly for a cocktail.

Susan Reigler – 7.5 

Nose: Corn and malt. Sugary note reminiscent of fruity gummy bears. 

Palate: The overall impression is sugary. It’s sticky on the lips and tongue. As it travels through the mouth, the corn reasserts itself.

Finish: Long and warm. Leaves a little tingle. It also stays sweet until the very end, where there is a touch of oak.

Comment: Not unpleasant on its own, assuming one likes this whiskey style.  


Virginia Distillery – Port Cask Finished Virginia Highlands Whiskey

Virginia Distillery 
Post Cask Finished Virginia Highland Whiskey 
Virginia Distillery

Proof: 92
ABV: 46%
Style: Blended
State: VA
Price: $

Peggy Noe Stevens – 7.6 

Nose: Butterscotch and vanilla bean. Golden-brown sugar and pound cake. Sage and basil highlights framed with a crouton like toast.

Palate: Nestled in a gentle frame of Asian spice and oak streaks. Golden raisin and minty highlights. Ginger is accompanied by the repeat of butterscotch and cereal notes.

Finish: Some hints of the Asian spice that lingers and build complexity.

Comment: Aromas do not get too revved up, but the taste certainly delivers on its promise.

Susan Reigler – 7.7

Nose: Apple and other cereal grains. Overall light, but there are tiny hints of several flavor elements at play here.  

Palate: Quite malty. Tastes like a light-bodied Scotch, or perhaps Irish whiskey. Notes of baked apple with custard. 

Finish: Vanilla and fruit begin the finish, which lingers with notable warmth before drying to oak tannins and spice.

Comment: A sippable blended whiskey that benefits from an ice cube to release more of the apple notes. 

Virginia Distillery – Brewers Batch Virginia Highlands Whiskey

Virginia Distillery 
Brewers Batch Virginia Highlands Whiskey 
Virginia Distillery

Proof: 92
ABV: 46%
Style: Blended
State: VA
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 7.6 

Nose: Bouquet of citrus and lavender. Sweetness of cane sugar and honey. Grits and granola that are airy and gentle.  

Palate: Easy going and nice harmony of subtle flavors. Ginger and white grapes with honey and citrus. Celery seed and faint mint and nutmeg. Almond butter.

Finish: Subtle complexity and bone dry on the finish in a very congenial way.

Comment: Nice tension of light flavors that blend. Splash of ginger ale would be appropriate with this whiskey.

Susan Reigler – 7.3

Nose: There’s corn and malt and some very subtle, sweet wood smoke throughout. 

Palate: Absolutely dominated by corn and malt with some underlying sugar. 

Finish: Dry and malty. Lingers for a bit and then simply vanishes. 

Comment: A devotee of light-bodied, blended Scotch will probably find this quite pleasant. But if you are looking for complexity, perhaps sip elsewhere.

Great Lakes – Still & Oak Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Great Lakes 
Still & Oak Straight Bourbon Whiskey 
Great Lakes Distillery

Proof: 86
ABV: 43%
Style: Bourbon
State: WI
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 8.2

Nose: Wood sugar and light brown caramel. Cornmeal. Fruit cake and milk chocolate. Granola bar with honey. Floral lavender, rose water, licorice and anise. 

Palate: Milk chocolate,  corn and simple syrup. Soft Asian spice. Cherry picks it up after a splash of water. Toasty notes.

Finish: Subtle background of apples and herbal notes show some complexity. Fresh leathery finish.

Comment: Approachable and attractive.  Easy going and cocktail ready.

Susan Reigler – 8.0 

Nose: Roasted corn, banana and cinnamon. Caramel that lends heft without overbalancing.

Palate: Crème Brûlée and baking spices with stone fruit and brown sugar. It’s not especially complex, but has all the elements of a good bourbon, balancing vanilla, fruit, and spice.

Finish: The vanilla hangs on, before the spice and oak start to take charge. 

Comment: Very good bourbon on its own, but could certainly play well with others ingredients in a classic cocktail.


St. Augustine Distillery – Port Finished Bourbon

St. Augustine Distillery 
Port Finished Bourbon 
St. Augustine Distillery

Proof: 102
ABV: 51%
Style: Bourbon
State: FL
Price: $$$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 8.4 

Nose: Cherry and dark leather. Caramel reaches out and is surrounded by some herbal tea and woody notes.

Palate: Bready and black walnut on first sip, then subtle white pepper and oregano.  Framed and structured with toasty flavors. 

Finish: Long pepper on the finish that lingers and sweetens on the center of the tongue.

Comment: Flirts with some decadence of the cherry and dark leather. Would make a seriously good Manhattan.

Susan Reigler – 8.2 

Nose: Roasted corn with lots of spicy oak. Stewed fruit and some baking spices follow.  

Palate: Stewed fruit on the palate with saddle leather and pecans. A couple of drops of water releases sweet baking spices but seems to minimize the fruit.

Finish: Oak on the finish, starting at the back of the tongue and drying to a clean ending with no bitterness. 

Comment: On balance, this benefits from a little water and provides some solid sipping pleasure.