A coffee for whiskey lovers: introducing The Morning Dram

The Morning Dram

Tommy Tardie, owner and operator of The Flatiron Room and Fine & Rare, debuts barrel-aged coffee line

The Morning Dram is a new creation from the owner and operator of New York City restaurants, The Flatiron Rooms and Fine & Rare. In time for the 2021 holiday season and new year Tommy Tardie unveiled a selection of coffees made with whiskey drinkers in mind.

The line of coffees has launched with the Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, Rye Barrel Aged Coffee, Apera Sherry Barrel Aged Coffee, and House Blend No. 1 along with options such as a subscription box, starter kit, and The Morning Dram merchandise available for purchase exclusively at The Morning Dram is also served at Tardie’s New York landmark establishment Fine & Rare.

The Morning Dram subscription box

“Good coffee and fine spirits have so much in common, you want to appreciate each sip,” shared Tardie. “The Morning Dram offers a balance of complex notes and simple joy, robust flavors of coffee beans cradled in these spirits barrels.”

Appropriately named after the term for a small pour of alcohol, usually referring to whiskey, The Morning Dram utilizes high-quality beans aged in barrels from top distilleries. Rather than setting a standard time to age each coffee, Tardie uses his senses to determine the appropriate time to remove the beans to achieve a rich, smooth finish. This can vary for each batch, since all barrels are different, and achieves distinct tasting notes for each coffee blend.

Bourbon Barrel Aged: Honduras

• Caramel corn, vanilla fudge, toasted marshmallow, sweet Bourbon

Rye Barrel Aged: Colombia & Mexico

• Milk chocolate, orange zest, ginger candy, cinnamon toast, sweet oak

Apera Sherry Barrel Aged: Guatemala

• Cherries dipped in milk, chocolate, Brazil nuts, figs, strawberry preserves

There is no alcohol in The Morning Dram, and no flavorings or additives. The only ingredient: coffee beans. The distinctive flavor of each coffee is a result of the beans’ time in the barrel, a process that mirrors the whiskey-making process, where barrels are carefully chosen to provide flavor and finish to the liquid aged within.

Tommy Tardie, creator of The Morning Dram

“The Morning Dram is truly designed for spirits enthusiasts, those who have a passion for exploring the subtle notes and complex flavors resulting from the mastery of a distiller and the barrels they choose for the aging process,” added Tardie. “And with The Morning Dram, that experience can be enjoyed anytime of the day. It’s always eight o’clock somewhere.”

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