Kentucky Owl unveils Maighstir Edition

The third international collaboration from Kentucky Owl has created a Scottish inspired Kentucky straight bourbon

Stoli Group is pleased to announce the release of its latest collaboration, the Kentucky Owl Maighstir Edition. Maighstir Edition is the third international collaboration limited edition release from Kentucky Owl, which demonstrates the brand’s imaginative take on the making of classic bourbon. The new expression is available across the US.

A result of the collaboration between master blenders John Rhea and new Kentucky Owl master blender Maureen Robinson, Maighstir Edition pays homage to the rich whiskey traditions of both the US and Scotland.

This release celebrates the artful craft of blending high-quality liquid but also the different flavors and taste profiles that each country has become famous for in the making of their whiskeys. This bourbon brings the best of Scotch whisky blending skills to Kentucky Owl’s bourbon range. “Maighstir” (pronounced may-stir) translates as ‘Master’ in Gaelic, authentically highlighting the wonderful collaboration between these two great whiskey masters.

Rhea and Robinson worked together to create the resulting Scottish inspired edition by blending 4yr old, 5yr old, 8yr old and 9yr old Kentucky Straight Bourbons, with mash bills containing corn, wheat, rye and malted barley. These specific Bourbons were carefully selected to convey a Scottish inspired Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

“Our latest limited-edition release exemplifies the dedication of Kentucky Owl to offer Bourbon enthusiasts a glimpse into the world of Scotch whiskies,” said Robinson. “It has the citrus perfumed floral green notes with hints of sweetness and oak reminiscent of a lighter style Scotch but still keeping all the credentials of a bourbon.” 

This collaboration also signifies the end of one chapter and the beginning of another as Kentucky Owl recently announced that Robinson is assuming the position of master blender, held by Rhea over the past 2 years.

“Having the opportunity to craft the Maighstir Edition alongside Maureen instills me with great confidence that Kentucky Owl is in exceptional hands, as Maureen steps into her role as master blender,” commented John Rhea. 

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