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Saxtons – Sapling Maple Bourbon

Sapling Maple Bourbon
Saxtons River Distillery

Proof: 70
ABV: 35%
Style: Bourbon
State: VM
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 7.3 

Nose: Baked apple pie and syrup. Cinnamon brioche. Decadent streaks of smoke that support the wood sugar.

Palate: Yards of sweet brown sugar and vanilla. Spice notes border paprika. Pear and golden apple rise a bit after drops of water.

Finish: Coats the tongue with the brown sugar and smoke, somewhat short finish.

Comment: Sweet flavor is powerful and for the Bourbon drinker who likes a heavy brown sugar cube in their Old- Fashioned.

Susan Reigler – 7.0 

Nose: Toffee brittle with brown sugar and some maple syrup.

Palate: The toffee turns into a burnt caramel with raisins and black currants and a very strong note of maple. 

Finish: The finish is maple all the way. It coats the tongue and throat. Very sweet.

Comment: Breakfast whiskey. Have a shot with your pancakes and bacon. Some will love it. But there’s no complexity. Also, at this proof, it should not be labelled “Bourbon.”

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