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Wiggly Bridge Distillery – White Whisky

Wiggle Bridge Distillery 
White Whisky 
Wiggly Bridge Distillery

Proof: 100
ABV: 50%
Style: White
State: ME
Price: $$

Peggy Noe Stevens – 7.4

Nose: Aromas leap out of the glass with cake batter and citrus. Crisp green apple follows and corn syrup. Some fresh grass and hay. 

Palate: Nice golden apple surrounds the tongue with a spray of ginger to coat he tongue. Cinnamon elements as well, but the simple syrup and sugar cookie keep the pace.

Finish: Straightforward and peppery.  Lingers with just a touch of sweet to tease you.

Comment: Very mixable and friendly for a cocktail.

Susan Reigler – 7.5 

Nose: Corn and malt. Sugary note reminiscent of fruity gummy bears. 

Palate: The overall impression is sugary. It’s sticky on the lips and tongue. As it travels through the mouth, the corn reasserts itself.

Finish: Long and warm. Leaves a little tingle. It also stays sweet until the very end, where there is a touch of oak.

Comment: Not unpleasant on its own, assuming one likes this whiskey style.  


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