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Woodford Reserve – Double Oaked

Woodford Reserve
Double Oaked 

Proof: 90.4
ABV: 45.2%
Style: Bourbon
State: KY 
Price: $50-$99.99

Rob Allanson – 9.1

Nose: Sweet up front. Candied almonds, coated in hard sugar, caramel toffee chews, Dutch honey syrup wafer and milky coffee.Oak takes hold with tannins and spices.

Palate: More fruit, overpowering the oak. Apples, poached pears and runny honey. Tarte tatin – that caramalized sugar edge. Nutmeg and cinnamon.

Finish: Rich with vanilla cream and spice. Morish.

Comments: A liquid apple pie, just ask for more.

Sam Coyne – 8.4

Nose: Swing back a few months, untangle the lights and put that Christmas tree back up. Sweet, spices; nutmeg, cinnamon and oak. Vanilla, caramel and a touch of honey.

Palate: Stewed raisins and sultanas with honey up-front. Oak spice grabs you by the shoulders and shakes. 

Finish: Rich, the festive spices return.

Comments: Good, straight forward Bourbon, that surprises more than a little. Is there anything not to like about this one?

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